Lough Lannagh

A view of Lough Lannagh, Castlebar, Co. Mayo by night with the orange glow of the street lights reflecting on the water and the white glow of the bridge lights on the rushes

Lough Corrib

A view of Lough Corrib in Cong, Co. Mayo through some trees, with stong hints of green leaves and grass and some pink hydrangeas.  Also in black & white / sepia for a different depth.


River at the bottom of Bother Rua, Commauns, Burren, Castlebar, Co Mayo.

Ring of Heart

These shots are as a result of me messing round with my Thomas Sabo ring and Ti Sento ring and a book, creating hearts with the shadows, I’ve since been told that this is a popular shot among wedding photographers so I think I made need some more practice for this one!

Achill Henge

This Achill Henge, a take on the well known Stonehenge is  located on a hillside in Pollagh, Achill, Co. Mayo.  This controversial Stonehenge-esque  concrete structure on Achill Island was erected by developer Joe McNamara.  Sources close to the Achill native say that he had designed and planned the towering structure so that it would align with the solstices – on June 21 and December 21. The sun would rise on those mornings over the mountains in Achill and shine through one of the gaps in the outer ring and light up a centre-piece.
However that centre-piece has yet to be built as construction on the site ceased on Sunday, November 27 and the following day McNamara gave an undertaking in the High Court not to recommence any work.

The shots I took above were late in the evening so apologies for the quality, but I intend to return soon earlier in the day, on a fine day, with a wide angle lens in tow… so watch this space 🙂

Booster Station Achill

These are more shots from the TV  booster station in Corraun, Achill, County Mayo.  These are of the actual booster station masts in colour and black and white.

Mountain and sky

I took these shots from the TV  booster station in Corraun, Achill, County Mayo looking out over the Atlantic Ocean. It was quite late in the afternoon on a misty day, and as you can see the sun is trying to break through the clouds before setting.

Pink Carnations

Pink Carnations… with the green foliage surrounding them in a beautiful bunch of flowers… Pink is a very warm colour, might cheer us up a bit on this cold Saturday afternoon 🙂

Round Tower

Following on from yesterdays post;  from the outside these shots are The Round Tower & grave yard in Turlough, Castlebar, Co. Mayo illuminated with some bright lights at night


Celtic Cross and the light at night highlighting the window openings inside the abbey at the round tower in Turlough, Co. Mayo set in the grave yard showing shades of orange, and some black and white photographs as well… It’s quite an eerie place at night!!

Purple Chrysanthemums

Purple Chrysanthemum… Hope you all like the shades of purple 🙂

Valentines Day

Say happy Valentines Day with roses… Red roses or White roses… It all counts!

RNLI Lifeboat

Ballyglass RNLI Lifeboat at Belmullet, Co. Mayo in the seas off the West coast of Ireland.

Scots Pine tree in tourmakeady

A Scots Pine Tree in Tourmakeady, Co. Mayo with evergreen trees in the background

Hitting the dark at Pontoon Beach

These pictures are of a beach in Pontoon just outside Castlebar, Co. Mayo in the West of Ireland. The beach is on Lough Cullen a renowned Trout fishing lake…