Silver Strand

As the sun sets over Silver Strand in Westport Co. Mayo, the sun peaks out from behind the clouds while the seagulls circle round head.

© Aisling Jennings Photography

8 comments on “Silver Strand

  1. putneyfarm says:

    Great shots…Looks like California (a little)

  2. sayvan says:

    I love the opportunities that clouds offer to photography

  3. Beautiful shots and lovely scenery.

  4. mooney=mc2 says:

    Beautiful! I always look at the clouds and think ” I should have my camera right now” because some serious beauty is right above our heads all day long. Thanks for reminding me to look up!

  5. Mr. V. says:

    Beautiful photos. One of my favorite subjects is the sky; sunsets, sunrises, cloud formations, you name it. I really enjoyed the images in this post, thanks for posting them.

  6. wsj2day says:

    just perfection i’d say!

  7. Lovely photographs, great shots of some dramatic clouds, well done 😉

  8. Lynne Ayers says:

    Interesting to see the various manipulations of the photos.

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