Summer Yellow

The fly is taking a rest on these yellow flowers on a summers day… I thought they were clearer than this before I uploaded them to my computer, but I thought I’d share them anyway, you will get the idea that I was attempting to capture! 🙂

© Aisling Jennings Photography

6 comments on “Summer Yellow

  1. Paula Turner says:

    Lovely! Just a thought – I think that’s actually a bee that disguises itself as a fly. My son is an entomologist and he told me about them. Fortunately this type don’t sting!

  2. PhotoCrazy says:

    Hi, these are brilliant and probably better than you may think. I have had an idea but wouldn’t dream of doing anything without your permission (i.e. your pics, your copyright). Would you let me take a copy and make a transformation for you. I’d love to try something.

  3. RobynG says:

    Great capture! Love the yello! Such a happy feel!

  4. irishkatie says:

    OMG, your photos are wonderfully beautiful. I love the colours.

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