9 comments on “Dusty Pink Tulip

  1. Nice set of images & backdrop accentuating the flowers.

  2. The lightly and pastels are to die for.. I especially like the second image… nicely done!

  3. Pat says:

    These are really beautiful, Aisling. I love how you framed them.

  4. Sandra says:

    I miss tulips, they aren’t quite as spectacular here in Colorado. Beautiful.

  5. Melissa LeGette says:

    Stunning. The second photo is especially nice.

  6. They are very pretty indeed. I have a bag of tulip bulbs waiting for the right season to plant them – red and white bulbs though now I’ve seen your photos I’m wishing I had some pink ones to!

  7. Showers of Roses says:

    Pretty! 🙂

  8. v says:

    nice… 🙂

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