Old Castle Secret Garden

Old Castle Secret Garden 1 Old Castle Secret Garden 2

Gateway to the secret garden on the grounds of the old castle that I came across in Tiernaur, Mulranny, Co. Mayo.

© Aisling Jennings Photography
These photos are copyrighted and are not to be used without my permission

10 comments on “Old Castle Secret Garden

  1. Jackie says:

    What a cool garden!

  2. Carissa says:

    Love it. Reminds me of one of my favorite childhood books.

  3. Wow, if I was standing right there I would have to go in there. It’s like it’s calling out… somehow! Great shot.

  4. Lovely entrances to the garden, great photos.

  5. melmannphoto says:

    This is what I assume all of the area is like, little secret places tucked away behind walls that have stood for hundreds of years, the originally reason for them forgotten.

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