Christmas in Heaven

Christmas in Heaven

I used one of my photographs and added this lovely poem to it.  It’s very sad time of year when you’re thinking of loved ones that are gone.  I don’t know if this poem helps or not, but I guess its nice to think that they are getting to celebrate Christmas somewhere.

I see the countless Christmas trees around the world below,
With tiny lights like Heaven’s stars reflecting the snow.
The sight is so spectacular – please wipe away the tear,
For I’m spending Christmas with Jesus this year.

I hear the many Christmas songs that people hold so dear,
But the sound of music can’t compare with the Christmas choir up here.
I have no words to tell you the joys their voices bring,
For it’s beyond description to hear the angels sing.

I know how much you miss me, I see the pain inside your heart,
But I am not so far away, we really aren’t apart..
So be happy for me dear ones you know I hold you dear,
And be glad I’m spending Christmas with Jesus Christ this year.

I sent you each a special gift for my heavenly home above,
I sent you each a memory of my undying love.
After all love is a gift more precious than pure gold.
It was always most important in the stories Jesus told.

Please love and keep each other as my Father said to do,
For I can’t count the blessing of love he has for each of you.
So have a merry Christmas and wipe away that tear,
Remember I am spending Christmas with Jesus Christ this year.


3 comments on “Christmas in Heaven

  1. I was just recalling pleasant Christmas memories with departed loved ones. I realized how blessed I was to be a part of their lives for such a short time.

  2. It is a beautiful poem and I have found peace and comfort in it so many times….thank you for sharing…your post is beautiful!

  3. theresa alfaro says:

    such a beautiful poem thank you for it brings comfort to my heart.

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