Titanic Fireworks

On 13th April, 2012 as part of the Mayo Titanic Cultural Week 8th – 15th April 2012, there was a fireworks show behind Pontoon Bridge Hotel, Pontoon, Co Mayo as which lit up the sky in bright colours as part of the Mayo Titanic Ball.

2 comments on “Titanic Fireworks

  1. Victor Ho says:

    I can’t see your meta data. Did you shoot on a tripod with a long exposure? I start at settings of f11 and 3 sec. It’s a reference and I vary my settings throughout the show. And, you need to compensate at the finale where it’s much brighter. If it’s possible I use a long telephoto. I started without any real notion of shooting fireworks. My early stuff was ok but since switching over to a long exposure, it’s noticeably different. Anyway fireworks are always fun. Glad you got these images.

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