The BataFada Band (Crimlin Community Arts)

Shots from The BataFada Band (Crimlin Community Arts) Christmas concert which took place in Burren School, Burren, Castlebar, Co. Mayo on Saturday December 6th, 2014.  It was an excellent night with such an arra of excellent music from pipe bank, to salsa, to trad. A great night was had by all! You will find out more about them on their website – and also on their Facebook page –

Batafada Christmas Concert Stage Batafada2 Batafada3 Batafada4 Batafada5 Left Loose Batafada7 Batafada8 Batafada9 Batafada10 Batafada11 Batafada12 Batafada13 Batafada14 Batafada15 Batafada16 Batafada17 Batafada18 Batafada19 Batafada20 Batafada21 Batafada22 Batafada23

Winter Sunset

Winter Sunset in Co. Mayo in the West of Ireland on a cold Novembers evening.

© Aisling Jennings Photography
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Purple Wild Flowers

July 2012

Macro photography

Beautiful purple wild flowers growing along the small roads around Co. Mayo

© Aisling Jennings Photography

24th Classic Marathon

The 24th Classic Marathon – Castlebar, Co. Mayo / June 25th 2012

23rd – 29th June 2012

Taking the Classic Marathon to Ireland for its 24th year makes perfect sense. The Emerald Isle is blessed with great rally roads and spectacular scenery, which will be explored to the full…

Competitors can look forward to a week of well planned regularities and enjoyable special tests (including visits to a number of private estates, which the ordinary tourist never sees). For 2012, shorter days with concentrated action will leave plenty of time to relax and enjoy the carefully chosen hotels and superb Irish hospitality.

Day One: Belfast to Enniskillen
Sunday, 24th June – 270kms

A mid morning start from the renowned Ulster Folk Museum and Museum of Irish Transport sees crews heading out into the attractive Ulster countryside around mighty Lough Neagh for the initial regularities and special tests. Continuing west, the afternoon section explores the wild uplands of the famed Sperrin Mountains as we make for our first overnight halt in the ancient town of Enniskillen, sandwiched between the island strewn lakes of Upper and Lower Lough Erne.

Day Two: Enniskillen to Galway
Monday, 25th June – 380kms

Travelling south west from Enniskillen, the morning’s route takes in some classic rally roads in the lonely forested hills of Fermanagh and Leitrim before we stop for lunch at a fine Country House near Sligo. We then spend an enjoyable afternoon rallying amidst the wild and dramatic scenery of the Partry Mountains and Connemara before arriving in the vibrant City of Galway, where we stay right by the water’s edge on Galway Bay.  Visit many fine estates for tests and relaxation

Day Three: Galway to Killarney
Tuesday, 26th June – 360kms

This is a day of contrasting landscapes. South of Galway lies the strange limestone karst scenery of the Burren and it is amidst this almost alien landscape that the first regularities take place. Further competition then follows in the Slieve Bernargh hills, which offer fine vistas over beautiful Lough Derg. After lunch, the terrain changes once more as we traverse the verdant rolling countryside of County Limerick before returning to the hills for the final regularities in the windswept Mullaghareirk Mountains. It is then just a short run to Killarney, where we spend two nights in a traditional lakeside hotel affording spectacular views of enchanting Lough Leane and the Macgillycuddy’s Reeks – Ireland’s highest mountain range.

Day Four: Killarney to Killarney
Wednesday, 27th June – 330kms

The Atlantic-hewn peninsulas of Kerry and West Cork hide some of the most spectacular mountain and coastal scenery in Ireland and today we explore it to the full. You will never tire of the ever-changing views as the route switchbacks between mountain and sea. This area is also home to some of the most infamous roads in Irish motorsport – Borlin, Tim Healey Pass and the legendary Molls Gap to name but a few. So you can expect a great day of competitive motoring before arriving back in Killarney for a well-earned break.  Great rally roads & spectacular scenery

Day Five: Killarney to Clonmel
Thursday, 28th June – 340kms

Leaving Killarney behind, we commence a series of scenic regularities through the twisting lanes of the Derrynasaggart and Boggeragh Mountains during the morning. Then, having visited the famous town of Blarney for an exciting special test, we skirt to the north of Cork City for a busy afternoon of tests and regularities in the beautiful rolling countryside of the Blackwater Valley. The day concludes with a run across the attractive Knockmealdown Mountains to Clonmel – the cider capital of Ireland – where we spend our penultimate night.

Day Six: Clonmel to Kilkenny
Friday, 29th June – 280kms

Heading north from Clonmel, the final day is full of variety with a mix of special tests and regularities in the hills and lush farmland surrounding Kilkenny. These testing sections should keep crews on their toes as we make for the grand finale, right in the heart of this medieval city. A mid afternoon finish will allow time to relax and enjoy a celebratory drink in one of Kilkenny’s many bars and cafés before the evening’s gala prize giving dinner at Kilkenny Castle rounds the event off in style.

© Aisling Jennings Photography

Little Birdy – look left, look right!

Little bird perched on a tree in Commauns, Burren, Co. Mayo soaking up the rays under the blue sky 🙂

© Aisling Jennings Photography


Some make call this a wildflower, and some may call it a weed in wild grass, but I will let you make up your own mind on it 🙂

(taken just outside Castlebar, in Co,. Mayo, Ireland)

© Aisling Jennings Photography

Daisies in June

Daisies growing in the garden on a sunny June day

© Aisling Jennings Photography

Gardening / Planting in the fine weather


This fine weather has everyone out gardening and planting in the West of Ireland. With the fresh vegetables like potatoes, carrots and cabbage planted, lets hope we can sample some of these home grown delights very soon 🙂

Purple Wild Flowers

Purple wild flowers growing in a grass ditch in Commauns, Burren, Castlebar, Co. Mayo, Ireland.  If you look closely at this shot you will see that there is actually is actually a fly on one of the flowers which i didn’t notice at the time 🙂 It is called Herb Robert

Mayo Mini Marathon 2012

Ladies Mayo Mini Marathon, Castlebar, Co. Mayo – May 6th 2012

Or some ladies that are not so much ladies (men dressed as women) in the case of these photographs – even got a nice shot of some Spongebob Squarepants undies 🙂

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Small airplane flying round quite low in the sky in Commauns, Burren, Castlebar, Co. Mayo, Ireland on May 2nd 2012. Not really sure if it was flying lessons or not, but something different to photograph 🙂